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Welcome to Albany, MN Pioneer Days, a cherished annual celebration that pays homage to the rich history and vibrant community spirit of Albany, Minnesota! Nestled in the heart of Stearns County, Albany boasts a proud heritage dating back to its pioneer roots, and Albany Pioneer Days serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of its founders.

History, Culture, and Traditions

Albany, MN Pioneer Days is committed to preserving and celebrating the unique history, culture, and traditions of our community. Through engaging events, educational programs, and family-friendly activities, we aim to connect generations and foster a sense of pride and unity among residents and visitors alike.

Resilience, Ingenuity, and Community Spirit

From its origins as a small frontier settlement to its evolution into a thriving agricultural center, Albany has a storied past marked by resilience, ingenuity, and community spirit. Our pioneer ancestors braved the challenges of the frontier to establish a home in this picturesque corner of Minnesota, laying the foundation for the vibrant community we know and love today.

Join us for a journey through time

Celebrate Albany's pioneer heritage with us during our annual Pioneer Days festival. From colorful parades and historical reenactments to live music performances and delicious food vendors, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Albany, MN Pioneer Days. Whether you're a history buff, a local resident, or a curious visitor, you'll find plenty of opportunities to make lasting memories and experience the magic of our community.

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Celebrating our 50th show!

Join Us for Pioneer Days on September 12-15, 2024

Tons of exhibits, events, food, music, and more!